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3 Things to Look For in a Roofing Contractor

Finding a commercial roofing contractor to install your roof requires some research and diligence.

The right contractor will provide a high-quality installation that will allow you to enjoy the long-term benefits of your commercial roof. Additionally, hiring a roofer certified to install the type of roof you need will help you comply with warranty terms. 

1. Planning Services

When it comes to installing a new roof on commercial properties like office buildings, multi-unit condominiums, or shopping centers, the planning stage is more complex. Often, these buildings have unique needs, such as the sheer size of the structure or any irregular shapes. This makes it even more important to choose a contractor who knows how to plan for such added complexities. RCU professionals will work with you every step of the way to ensure the project will result in exactly what you are looking for. They will give you a timeline of project completion and stick to it.

A commercial roofing contractor can help you design a roof replacement you can trust. In addition to providing long-term protection, your contractor can help you choose materials that are more effective in resisting the high winds and heavy rainfall that can affect roofs on taller buildings.

2. Look for Experience in Handling Commercial Roofing Materials

The type of commercial building you own will determine which roofing materials you can use. Our team is experienced in installing asphalt, shingle, or metal roofs.

Choose a business that has a track record of success and is willing to provide client references and a list of jobs that have been finished. Make contact with these customers to find out if they were pleased with the services, work, and roof systems that they had obtained.

3. Ask About Warranty Coverage for New Commercial Roofs

Every commercial roof will have some type of warranty, but the coverage will vary based on the type of roofing material you install. In addition to the roofing material manufacturer’s warranty, you’ll want to look for a contractor who offers a workmanship warranty.

In both manufacturer and workmanship warranties, look for coverage terms of 10 years or longer. The average coverage term on most commercial roof warranties is 20 to 30 years, but some manufacturer warranties might cover your roof for 50 years or longer. A TPO roof is usually covered for 20 years. PVC roofs typically come with 25-year manufacturer warranties. 

You’ll Build Trust in Your Contractor

Look for these traits in a roofing contractor to confirm the abilities and integrity of the contractor you ultimately hire. You’ll come to trust your contractor as you start working with them to maintain your commercial real estate properties. Building that trust is important since forming a relationship with one commercial roofing company over many years provides its own long-term benefits. Call us at 954-786-9350 or contact us online now.