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Be Prepared! Protect Your Roof from Storm Damage

**Damaged roofs **are the most common aftermath of tropical storms or hurricanes . The extent of damage caused to the roof can be very costly, first repairing the roof itself and second fixing the wind and water damage in the building after the roof failure. When it comes to roof integrity , a good structural frame and sheathing is important for a sturdy roof. The following are some of the qualities of a good roof in case of a storm.

Know your roof

Unfortunately, the roof is a widely neglected structure simply because one cannot see it regularly. Many people will repaint their walls, renovate their kitchens and mow their lawns but little is done for the roof until it is far too damaged. It is crucial to know the roofs current condition because insurance companies may deny claims after storm damage simply because the roof was already in bad condition before the storm.

Some of the risks of damage during a storm include unsecured air conditioning units, satellite dishes, antennae and lighting. Therefore, you need to keep your roof in good shape through regular maintenance, secure the roof top equipment and accessories properly and install a good lightning protection system

Preparing for the storm

In case you live in a high-risk area for tropical storms or hurricanes , there is quite a lot you can do for your protection.