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Essential Reasons why you need a CMP and a Roof Maintenance Program

The only way to keep your roof performance at its peak is through proactive maintenance. The roof is a very crucial element to your home , especially because there are quite a number of threats that come from above. Every day, every season, your roof protects you from rain , dust and debris, strong winds, falling tree branches and so on. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure that your roof does not buckle under all this pressure. You should be covered by a roof maintenance program working with a certified maintenance professional.

Certified Maintenance Professionals (CMP)

Certified maintenance professionals and companies who have a great understanding of local building practices. They understand the different types of roofing systems and can make informed recommendations of repairs and maintenance necessary to maintain the roof in good condition . With a lot of training and experience, certified maintenance professionals can detect and respond quickly to every challenge facing your roof. Just because you do not see it, does not mean there is nothing wrong with it; leave it to the keen eye of a professional.


Many customers are often tempted to rely on the warranty for at least the first couple of repairs and maintenance checks. Although warranties are supposed to protect you as the customer, they often limit the warrantor liability in case of some types of roofing failure. In order to ensure great performance and a long-term favorable relationship with the contractor, it is advisable to consider implementing a roofing maintenance program sooner rather than later.

Identify problems early

Most roofing problems often develop with time and this is why proactive maintenance is crucial. Something as simple as a clogged roof drain can cause an entire portion of a roof to collapse . It is much more expensive to repair a collapsed roof than a crack. Regular maintenance can help you identify problems such as sources of leaks even before they occur.

Good response time

In case there is a leak in your roof, you can contact the contractor if you are still under the warranty grace period. However, it may take a while to dispute the source of the leak and if it is the fault of the contractor or manufacturer. All this may happen while the source of the leak is getting worse and more damage occurs. While you are in a regular maintenance program, the response is almost immediate.In most instances noted problem is resolved as soon as possible without any dispute or further damage.

Pre-scheduled maintenance intervals

One of the reasons why your roof suffers greatly is because you rarely look at it, or even notice that you are using it. Unlike a damaged door which creaks when opened to remind you it needs to be fixed, it is very easy to forget all about the roof.With an annual maintenance program, the maintenance is pre-scheduled and even when you forget, the contractor will remind you when the time comes, which makes it easier to keep the roof in good shape.