‘Green’ Roof Options

Green Roof Options

RCU recognizes the importance of conservation, energy efficiency, green roof solutions and recycling. We will continue to do our best to work with roofing solutions that benefit our customers and our world today and into the future.

What are Cool Roofs?

Why is an Urban Heat Island significant?

Because it means that more cooling energy is needed for occupied spaces in these urban areas. There is also a higher incidence rate of air pollution created that includes the production of ozone.

Cool Roof Studies

Studies have shown that if cities were to install only Cool Roofs, significant energy savings will result as well as an improvement in urban air quality. These studies have led to local and state-mandated commercial roof regulations. They are rapidly proliferating to other locales that see cool roofing as an inexpensive means to reduce overall energy consumption. Such programs as Title 24 in California and regulations in the State of Georgia, Salt Lake City, Chicago and other urban northeastern cities are examples of trends being adopted nationwide.

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