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Preparing Your Commercial Property for the 2014 Storm Season

The storm season is upon us and it is important for every property owner to take all the necessary precautions to prevent roof damage. For those who live in Florida, a well established roofer in the area, Roofing Concepts Limited (RCU), in partnership with Roof Doctors South Florida, Inc (RDSF), has taken the initiative to closely monitor the start of the 2014 hurricane season and advice residents on the steps to take in order to lessen roof damage.

According to major predictions, this year’s storm season is expected to be very active. The damage caused by a storm usually depends on its path and intensity when it makes landfall. Active storms are characterized by heavy rainfall, flooding and high winds among other factors. Due to fallen trees, the really strong winds and blown debris, active storms usually cause severe roof damage or even roof failure especially if the property owner did not do anything to prepare for the hurricane. When the roof is blown away completely, it may result in interior and structural damage.

Once a roof is damaged during the storm, efforts to repair it immediately may turn futile. After the storm, issues such as power loss, fallen debris or any other obstacle on top of the roofing system may hinder proper roof repairs. Property owners have to wait a while longer in order to have their roofs restored.

Emergency roof repairs must be handled by a company with the skill, equipment and experience to respond quickly and safely to customers. Roofing Concepts Limited and its affiliate company Roofing Doctors of South Florida have come up with a comprehensive storm plan that will help them provide quick and effective roofing solutions after the storm. This plan focuses on preparedness including the manpower, equipment and materials that they will need immediately once the storm is over. The two companies have a team of roofing contractors who are trained on how to provide emergency repairs.

The contractors will step in and perform emergency repairs that prevent further water intrusion if the roof is damaged. These repairs will also give them adequate time to assess the situation and the extent of overall damage before they determine whether the roof needs repairs or a replacement. They will also do what it takes to mitigate additional water damage if it still rains after the storm passes.

Storms are not rare in the tri-county area and that is why local roofers like RCU and RDSF are prepared with the best response team in the area. Remember that roofers cannot provide their services while the storm is active because the weather is too risky for anyone to be outside or on the roof. The local roofers have established an emergency cell phone line (954) 214-4025 which residents of the tri-county area can use to reach them in case the land line service is disrupted. Roofing Concepts Limited will respond to all messages and return all calls from clients once the storm passes. As a property owner, the best you can do is to be safe and well prepared before the storm. Please contact us.