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RCU Providing Cutting Edge Ways To Do Business

It’s not always fun and games, at Roofing Concepts… we are also very serious about providing the best technology available to our clients for new roofing, repairs and maintenance. Not only in the roofing products and installation techniques we use, but also the use of advanced technology to track progress and completion of our projects thru photo/video documentation. There is no better way than from a birds eye perspective to see the quality of a new roof or roof repair then from the air. Just standing in one place on the roof surface snapping still photos cannot give you the full perspective to visualize the scope of the entire project.

At RCU, we use DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus quad-copter technology, that is able to shoot 1080p HD video & still photos with an unrestricted 360 degree view. The lens of the built in camera consists of 9 separate elements, including an aspherical element that provides for extreme quality and clarity. ‪#‎TEAMRCU really enjoys this new style of technology and what it allows us to do… bring the roof down to our clients while in the air conditioned comfort of their office.

Our drone has changed the way we can do business. It allows us to show a client all of the issues on the roof no matter how tall the building, safely. #TEAMRCU can proudly allow the client to view before, during and finished product photos and video.

#TEAMRCU is always searching for the most cutting edge ways to do business, update our procedures, protocols and training. We take this approach with all we do for you, our valued clients.

RCU is a world class roofing and sheet metal contractor and considered by many to be south Florida’s premier re-roofing contractor who has worked hard to earn the respect, trust and confidence from all of our clients

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