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Roof Replacement Services In Broward County, FL

Sometimes, only a roof replacement will do, and when this is the case, Roofing Concepts Unlimited is here to get the job done – effectively, efficiently, and on time. Founded in 1965 and proudly serving South Florida since 1992, we’re a third-generation roofing company whose absolute focus is on doing excellent work and on inspiring complete customer satisfaction. We have an impressive track record that includes providing state-of-the-art roofing solutions for some of the most imposing buildings in the region, and we can help you successfully address your own roof replacement needs.

Our Stellar Reputation

We have skillfully installed literally thousands of roofs throughout our impressive tenure as a leading roofing company, and this roster includes all the following:

Need a commercial roof replacement in South Florida? We welcome your inquiries and believe we are the right commercial roofing company for you.

Our Process

The backbone of our roofing success is our team of highly experienced and well-trained roofers. We are committed to providing each of our employees with the training, resources, and instructions to perform every roofing job as effectively, efficiently, and safely as possible. Our employees’ success bolsters our own, and we are confident in their credentials, skills, and abilities. When you choose Roofing Concepts Unlimited as your commercial roofers, you can count on all the following:

A Faulty Roof Can Spell Serious Trouble

There are many reasons to consider roof replacement, and it’s important to recognize that even minor-seeming issues can negatively impact your commercial property. While a leak is an obvious sign that it’s time to consider either roof replacement or roofing repairs in South Florida, leaks are far from the only concern.

The Value of Your Commercial Property

Once moisture finds an access point in your roof, it can lead to serious damage to the property itself. Some of the signs that roof-related moisture may be a concern include water stains on walls and an increase in humidity – which can be damaging to both equipment and valuable inventory. Insects and rodents can also be indicative of increased moisture.

Your Energy Costs

An inadequate roof can lead to increased energy costs, increased humidity, and difficulty maintaining a comfortable temperature, which can interfere with your ability to continue growing your business. In South Florida, we’re well acquainted with the importance of sustaining comfortable indoor temperatures, which reinforces the importance of roof maintenance, roof repairs, and roof replacement when needed.


If your commercial property’s roof deck has been affected, it can jeopardize the safety of your employees and customers, which makes it a matter of critical concern.

Business Shutdowns

If your roof is leaking or has caused other complications that require immediate attention, it can lead to a shutdown, which not only means immediate financial losses but can also be bad for your business’s reputation and image.

Our Roof Replacement Services

At RCU, we provide comprehensive services that include all the following:

Once each of these factors is carefully considered, Roofing Concepts Unlimited will help you carefully consider your options – in pursuit of the right choice for you.

Do You Need a Tear Off or a Recover

Roof replacements are not all created equal. Sometimes, an existing roof needs to be completely torn off before a new roof can be installed, and sometimes, new roofing materials can recover an existing roof. When it comes to which method better addresses your roofing needs, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

Ultimately, some roofing concerns cannot be corrected by covering them up, which makes working closely with a seasoned roofing company from the start the best course of action.

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