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Anthony Jacobazzi

Anthony Jacobazzi

Vice President

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Anthony Jacobazzi

Anthony grew up in Chicago with all the other Jacobazzi siblings and it gave him the great sense of humor and solid mid-western values that he has today.

His first job was in the local grocery store as bagger. He really liked having all that money in his pockets, so he did a good job and quickly rose the corporate ladder, literally, to stock boy. In climbing that particular corporate ladder, he soon realized that being a stock boy wouldn’t be the best long-term career choice to fund his obsession with cars-unless of course he opted to live in one. Which, thankfully he didn’t. Instead after high school, Anthony joined RCU full time. It soon became clear to him that RCU was a great gig and as his pockets began to fill, his interest in cars grew. He worked his way up the corporate ladder-again. (He’s getting pretty good at this). From the ground up, he learned the family business and now he is our Vice President.

As Anthony has learned, being the vice president of a company isn’t always as prestigious as he thought. Anthony does so much at RCU-he is constantly juggling everything: job scheduling, purchasing, project management, estimating, company psychologist, crane operator, errand runner, soda machine filler, check picker upper …. he’s such a great sport, maybe we ought to send him on a long vacation….