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Cherie Apuzzo

Cherie Apuzzo

Office Manager

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Cherie Apuzzo

Born in Newark, NJ, Cherie is a bona fide Jersey Girl and is truly a gem. She is the sweetest and most soft spoken, shy and quiet-as-a-mouse person in our office, who by the way, loves Friday Night Smackdown! (We don’t get it either…)

Besides being our Director of First Impressions, her tasks here at RCU include customer service, billing, ordering office supplies, collecting receivables, filing, typing up job orders, contacting clients to schedule service calls … whew. And she keeps smiling! Cherie is the kind of person that will actually go out of her way to do little things that make someone’s day better.

Cherie joined the RCU family in 2006 and has been making our light shine brighter ever since.