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The newest member of our team Michael Anthony Jacobazzi

The newest member of our team Michael Anthony Jacobazzi

Roofing Concepts Unlimited/Fl. Inc. and Roof Doctors South Florida/Inc. is excited to announce the newest member of our team Michael Anthony Jacobazzi.

This is a very proud moment for me personally, as Michael represents the first of the 4th generation of the Jacobazzi bloodline choosing to come in to the roofing industry joining a trend of millennial young blood talent that is currently learning the ropes of the trade. In today’s world, it’s rare to see successful generational carry over into family owned and operated corporations so we are excited to see him come on board succeed.

As a full time student at FAU working towards earning a B.S. degree with majors in business management & marketing, Michael understands and exemplifies at a young age the “team concept” and is up to the task of joining our companies and assisting with all of your roofing needs.

Furthermore, those of you who have the opportunity to meet and work with him will learn quickly that Michael is a very engaging and personable young man. Although he is new to the trade and has much to learn, he is lucky to be surrounded by a team of experienced roofing professionals including our staff and numerous trade vendors and manufacturers that will teach him all that is necessary to become a young roofing professional. Michael will establish positive working partnerships in the various vertical markets that we currently service and he will be involved in numerous trade and Real Estate Associations also promoting professionalism and world class/best practice services with key vendor partners while networking new business all while being involved in daily operations.

Please join me in welcoming Michael to the RCU and Roof Doctors family. He can be reached at 954.786.9350 ext.107, (954) 461-1738 cell or at