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What are the Benefits of Working with RCU and its affiliate, Roof Doctors?

When it comes to commercial roofing services, Roofing Concepts Unlimited is the best. They only work with clients who understand the value of superior roofing solutions. RCU offers unmatched experience to every roofing project. They specialize in large-scale projects for medical office buildings, Class A office buildings, municipal and government buildings, schools, retail centers, hotels, condominiums, and more. At Roofing Concepts Unlimited, we are aware of how vital it is to keep these various property’s watertight integrity intact through proper annual roof maintenance. Selecting the best roofing company for your next roof repair project is a choice, and this decision could affect your maintenance costs, your customer experience, and the end result. Reach out now to our professionals to schedule an inspection and read below to see why you should work with RCU and Roof Doctors.

1. Decades of Experience

Roofing Concepts Unlimited is a family owned and operated company that was founded over 50 years ago starting in Chicago and eventually opening a Florida facility in 1992. Our 13,500-square-foot, two (2)-acre site in Coral Springs, Florida, has a fully equipped warehouse with vehicles and cutting-edge machinery in addition to a workforce of highly skilled, OSHA-trained roof installation technicians, sheet metal fabricators, and project managers. After four decades, RCU has seen virtually every roofing situation you can imagine, and they know how to deal with it.

2. Safety is a Top Priority

Most of the main manufacturers of roofing materials have certified RCU to install their products and to provide extended warranties on roof system assemblies, such as BUR, modified bitumen, single ply, and various coatings. They have a state license and complete insurance coverage with limits in excess of 5 million dollars for both workers’ compensation and public liability to that you and your property are thoroughly protected. It is no secret that the roofing industry has certain hazards, and RCU goes the extra mile to protect its clients and employees. A greater focus on safety means more efficient and streamlined operations. There is no needless rushing or cutting corners here. Each employee must go through an annual safety training program to ensure their knowledge is up-to-date. Each project is also inspected by independent third-party safety consultants, ensuring that your roof project meets our company’s stringent safety requirements. RCU also uses only the most modern and safe equipment – and they regularly maintain this equipment to the highest standards.

3. An Understanding of Local Issues

As a local, family-owned company, RCU is very familiar with the issues commercial property owners face in Florida. This includes the unique weather of the area, and the patterns of annual storm seasons. RCU’s affiliate Roof Doctor/s has notable experience when it comes to roof leak repair and maintenance, and we know just how serious floods and water damage can be.

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