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What Are the Main Causes of Commercial Roof Damage?

Your commercial roof is on the front lines when it comes to protecting your commercial property and identifying damage early on can help you better protect your investment. Roof damage comes in many forms, but the professional roofers at Roofing Concepts Unlimited – proudly serving South Florida – have the depth of experience to root out the problem and address it effectively and efficiently from the outset.

Inadequate Maintenance

Your commercial roof is a serious investment, and failing to put the necessary time and resources into maintaining it leaves you more vulnerable to significant roof damage. The National Roofing Contractors Association reports that roof maintenance is both the most critical and most neglected factor in relation to longevity.

Failure to Address Standing Water

Standing water on your commercial roof after a rainstorm is a sign that it’s time to call in a roofing professional. Standing water can mean any of the following, all of which are common causes of commercial roof damage:


Wind is often at the core of commercial roof damage. South Florida sees far more than its fair share of serious storms, and high winds can cause significant damage to any roof, including flat commercial roofs. Wind not only stresses the flashing from the exterior but also creates lift from the buildup of pressure inside, and this powerful combination often translates to extensive damage.

Investing in a quality roof that meets your building’s needs from the start and in regular maintenance that’s conducted by seasoned roofing professionals are the two most important factors when it comes to protecting your commercial roof from wind damage.

Heavy Foot Traffic

An important element of keeping your roof damage-free is minimizing foot traffic. All of the following foot traffic on your commercial roof adds up:

The more walking that happens on your commercial roof, the more vulnerable it is to roof punctures, which can lead to membrane damage and costly leaks.

While roofing pros are skilled at keeping the impact of their footsteps to a minimum, this isn’t always the case when other professionals are at work up there.

Faulty Flashing

Flashing refers to the metal material that makes up the perimeter of your commercial roof, and it works as a seal that helps to keep moisture out when the accumulation of rainfall surpasses the drainage system’s capacity. When flashing is installed incorrectly, is overly worn, or is of inadequate quality to begin with, your roof is more susceptible to leaking.

Turn to a Trusted South Florida Commercial Roofing Company for the Help You Need

The well-respected South Florida commercial roofers at Roofing Concepts Unlimited have decades of experience installing and maintaining high-quality commercial roofs that inspire confidence. Our affiliate, Roof Doctors, offers a wide range of proactive maintenance plans to address your needs. Learn more by contacting us online or calling 954-786-9350 today.