Customers don’t want roofs, what they want is “No water in the building”

Building owners and property managers have trusted Roofing Concepts Unlimited to keep “water out of their buildings” in the south Florida area since 1992. RCU is well-recognized in the tri-county area as a leading provider of superior roof systems and services. When you read our mission statement, and we hope you will, you will see why each member of our TEAM is dedicated to top-quality workmanship and safe, efficient delivery of service.

Staying on top of changes in the roofing industry is an increasingly complex job. Everything from waterproofing to adhesives to roofing materials has changed and is continuing to change. Today a contractor must maintain expertise in new synthetic materials, chemical compounds and equipment technology as well as employee training, safety and customer service. At RCU, we have this expertise – that is why this business has been in our family for three generations.

Whether you already have water in your building or want to make sure that you never do, Roofing Concepts Unlimited will help you find the right roofing solution for your building – we guarantee it.

Reasons to Use Roofing Concepts Unlimited


Roofing Safety is priority #1 and we take that commitment seriously. Roofing Concepts is Leading the Way in Roof Construction Safety

In fulfilling our safety goals and mission, Roofing Concepts Unlimited, recognizes a commitment to its employees to provide a safe and healthy workplace, an environment free from recognized hazards to the greatest degree possible. Our Health, Roofing Safety and Environmental Programs, have been created to protect our most valuable resource, our employees. The safety of every employee at Roofing Concepts Unlimited is the highest priority…PRIORITY #1

Our objective is to prevent accidents. Therefore, all our activities are conducted according to local, state, and federal safety standards, codes, regulations, and appropriate industry standards. We view roofing safety as a learned behavior. RCU implements the philosophy of Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) standards.

Our Health and Safety Plan is the foundation of our safety program. Each level of management, supervision, and employees are obliged to become familiar with their assigned safety responsibilities, rules, procedures and execution. We will provide the training and resources necessary to achieve our safety goals and management/supervision will be held accountable for the results. A safe workplace is organized, clean, efficient, and uplifting to morale.


Roofing Concepts Unlimited understands the ever changing roofing industry and the complexities created with these changes. Whether it be a new and improved product line, a new installation technique or even a new service (Such as installing roof integrated Solar Systems). Educating our roof technicians and supervisory staff is important to stay on our game and remain “At The Top Of The Roofing Profession”. All of our employees are trained on an ongoing to basis to assure we provide our clients with the highest quality roof installations consistently. When were on your roof, it’s treated like it’s our roof until the job is complete. 100% customer satisfaction is a primary goal at RCU.


Did you know that several members of our staff are qualified to teach/instruct educational classes to groups of Community Association Managers? These lunch and learn modeled classes are held periodically or on an “as requested” basis at our facility or we’ll come to you. For those that are in need of expanding their overall knowledge of roofing “Do’s & Don’t’s”, the importance of roof maintenance, Budgeting for a new roof and Roofing 101, we can offer continuing education credits (CE’s) that can be applied to your mangers license renewal complimentary.

Community Service:

Roofing Concepts Unlimited believes strongly in community service, that’s why we’ve committed our company to this belief. Here is a list of the organizations that we support:

Roofing Manufacturers:

We’re authorized by all the major roofing manufacturers to install and repair their products. This enables us to use the best materials and offer the best warranties- up to 30 years. We are authorized by most manufacturers, so call today for your free estimate.

Roofing Concepts Unlimited is approved by the following roofing manufacturers:

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Roofing Concepts Unlimited is proud members or affiliated with the following professional organizations:


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